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Cambodia’s literary tradition is limited and very much tied in with Buddhism or myth and legend. Sanskrit, and later Pali, came to Cambodia with Hinduism and Buddhism...
Hot khuc cake
Late in the winter night, the suburban where I live numbs in the glacial drizzle.   “ Hot khuc cakes! Who wants khúc cake?” the drooling and melancholy hawking...
Whole leaf, torn leaf
A student of Vietnamese culture may be at a loss trying to penettate the meaning of the saying so often heard today: “Let the whole leaf envelop the torn leaf!” (La...
Western fishermen discovered the jewel in the sea shellfish
The jewel weighs more than two grams, yellow and light pink found by Bac Lieu fishermen's in the mouth of sea shellfish when caught. (Mien Tay boat)   Mr. Nguyen Van...
Views change on interracial marriage
Marriages between Vietnamese and foreigners have become common here since the 80s. Before that they were rare, especially in the north and the central part, where...
Visit the ancient city of Sukhothai in Thailand
 The capital city of Sukhothai in Thailand, about 427 km north of Bangkok, was the capital of Thailand from 1238 to 1438. With an area of over 6,600 square kilometers,...
Final preparations
The final preparations period builds on and extends the preliminary planning that was performed before the requirements development and architecture phases. At final...
Karma and Metempsychosis
Our conversation which had begun to falter, became animated again during dessert when our friend X, a Filipino working for a U.N. agency in Hanoi, launched into a...
Hammocks launched Viet Nam on road to mass transport
Next to the horse, the vong (hammock) and the kieu (palanquin) were the earliest modes of transport in Viet Nam. A hammock hung on a pole with a bearer at either end was...
A note to advanced technical readers (2)
 It is loosely based on the "key process areas" identified by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Level 2 of the SEI Capability Maturity Model. The...
A note to advanced technical readers (1)
 The Software Project Survival Guide describes one effective way to conduct a software project. It is not the only effective way to run a project, and for any specific...
Kinds of projects this book covers (2)
 This book is primarily intended for projects that are currently in the planning stages. If you're at the beginning of the project, you can use the approach as the...

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